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Polymer Clay Flower Earrings

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This is a beautiful pair of handmade polymer clay flower earrings. Polymer clay is light weight. The flower panel was set in a stainless-steel plate to create the special design. The top little circle stud is made of polymer clay and the earring posts are embedded in the clay to ensure the posts are secured.

Each small part of the earring is handcrafted by me. They are unique in colors and designs. The flower panel could be turned around with a little force since no glue was used. You can easily adjust the positions you want. It doesn't move around once you make the adjustment.

Earring posts are stainless steel. Sterling silver is available upon request.

Earring length is 1 1/16 inches measured from the top of earring to the bottom of drop.

It comes with a pretty gift box.

Polymer clay jewelry care tips are listed below.

The earrings were baked properly and unglazed to show the natural and matt finish. Although they are water-resistant and durable, polymer clay jewelry still needs proper care to prevent breaking. Please be careful when putting on and off your ears and prevent dropping to a hard surface. You can clean the earrings gently with a Q tip. Storage separately from other jewelry in a dry and cool place away from heat and sunlight.